April 12, 2016

We first came across these fabulous glow bugs on Mieke Rozing's blog which is full of wonderful ideas (you can see this on our DIY FOR KIDS' ROOMS Pinterest board). The bug on Mieke's blog has paper wings. We've decided to make ours out of wire and party tights. I've just noticed that we've forgotten to put legs on ours. You could easily add some using more pipe cleaners or wire and they would help the bug stand up. These bugs would be perfect for an outdoor party or a camping trip.





1 pair of brightly coloured, sheer tights

1 coloured pipe cleaner, 4 if you're making legs.

2 buttons

1 empty water bottle

1 glow stick

Medium guage wire, strong enough not to buckle when you stretch the tights over them.

Strong glue

Electrical tape




1. Remove the lid from the bottle, along with the little 'collar'. We have a flip-top bottle and we've snapped the lid bit off. An ordinary lid would work just as well, but you wouldn't have a 'nose'.



2. Using the strong glue, stick the buttons onto the lid to make the eyes.



3. Cut off two 10cm sections of the leg of the tights, enough to stretch over each wire wing.


4. Cut one of the folds down the side of the tights and open it out.



5+6 . Cut a length of wire about 70 - 80cm long to make the wings and bend it into two wing shaps and twist the wire ends to keep it in position.




7. Stretch the tights over the wire and hold in place with the electrical tape, ensuring that there are no escaped raw edges. I needed to help Lollie at this stage. It's quite hard to get all the raw edges pulled tight. You need someone else to pass you some tape to secure it all.



8. Complete the the other wing and trim away the raw edges.



9. Use the wire ends to fix the wings to the neck of the bottle (sorry - this is not a great photo).



10. Following the packet instructions, light the glow stick and place it inside the bottle. Screw the lid (head) of the bottle back on once the glue attaching the eyes is dry. Twist a pipe cleaner into position around the neck and curl the ends to form the bug's antennae and you're finished!




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